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Exceptional copywriting & business assistance for exceptional brands and business owners. 


Let me save you time so you can focus on running your business and developing innovative ideas. I'm an expert self-help and lifestyle copywriter that knows how to develop informative and motivating copywriting that builds customer trust and loyalty to your brand. As a business operations analyst, I assist you in completing the task that drive revenue for your business. 
Bre Wigley 

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Whether your goal is to:

Collect emails by offering irresistible opt-ins


Hype up your target audience for a new releases


Empower customers to make decisions (buy your product or enroll in a course)

Educate customers about brand-related topics to establish trust and provide knowledge

Provide genuine and authentic information to your clients/customers via newsletter


Build a community around your businesses principles

I can curate the perfect copywriting for you. 

Copywriting crafted with intentionality and an aim to reach your target audience.

My copywriting services:
- Speak life into your audience through
unique lifestyle copywriting
- Check one more thing off your to do list by presenting
interesting, inspiring, copy to your targeted customers. 
- Allow you to use your time for creative ideas and product development and I create the words to drive your ideas, services, and products to your ideal customers.
- Help reach your ideal customers with trustworthy and insightful content that is
SEO driven, yielding increased revenue and brand awareness. 

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Solution based business operation analysis & assistance that drives revenue for your business. 



My mission as your dedicated copywriter is to provide engaging Search Engine Optimized copywriting for your audience in order to increase sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. 

What is Copywriting? Glad you asked.

Simply put,  what you just read is copywriting. "Copy" or Copywriting are the words I’m using to connect with you in a conversational way with hopes to encourage you to a CTA (call to action)  like booking your connection call to discuss how we can collaborate.




Website page copy 1000 words to 5000 words starting  $700

SEO based blogs 500 to 1000 words $200

Email sequences  (3-5 emails ) starting at $50* each

Content calendar captions (30 days) $100

Newsletters starting at $75

Product description 3-5 products starting at $35 each

*graphic design not included in this pricing*

Business Ops analyst & assistant 

Social media management package starting at $200/ mo.

Business process analysis $50/hr

Billable hourly rate $35 

*Schedule a connection call to see how I can help you scale your business.

 ask me about bundle pricing and content design



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I'm Breana Wigley, your self-help & lifestyle copywriter. I combined my natural abilities to motivate and encourage with writing and I Copywrite for amazing businesses like yours to help drive revenue strategically through the unique Search Engine Optimized -backed copywriting I create. I hold a Masters degree in Information Systems, Business Technology management. I full understand the importance of business agility and scalability. 

My main goal is to take a load of persuasive writing and other business related task off your hands. The services I provide are  focused, intentional, and clear to your business goals. Whatever your mission is, we work together to develop a plan that accomplishes your business marketing goals 

The objective is to motivate your customers using an empowering conversational tone. You know, "speak to them" and help them realize they need your product or service.


 People sometimes need to be encouraged and affirmed to make a decision and this is where my writing abilities come in.

Your business, offerings, and brand have the potential to make a resounding impact on so many others, now is the time to make sure it reaches the masses with my copywriting.  

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Breana really understands the power of words and excitement. The copywriting she provided spoke clearly to my audience and brought awareness to my personal brand.

Social Media Influencer

Brittany T.

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